Russian Academic Drawing




Sweden January 2008

Comments by the students:

 It was a fantastic and fulfilling course with a lot of information that has remained with me, and is very useful in my drawing now. Mr Vitaly is a very good teacher and he knew for sure what he was talking about.
Par Backstrom

 Inspiring and satisfying course! I learned more during the course with Mr Vitaly than I have done during my time in school. I gained a lot from his way of teaching by showing. It was fantastic to be taught by such a  talented man. The course was well organised and structured. I am looking forward to upcoming opportunities to attend courses. 
Linus Andersson

I think the course was incredible, much better than I expected. I must admit that I was a bit nervous of Mr Vitalys energetic way of teaching and critic- giving, but when I discovered how much love and respect he had for his students I felt glad and proud to recieve such good advice from such a master as Mr Vitaly.I hope that one day he returns to Sweden so that I get to meet his passion and fire as a teacher once again .
Jim Vikstrom