Farigh Ghaderi

Farigh Ghaderi is a native Kurd born in Sofyan in the northwest of Iran. He went to Turkey before finally reunited with his father in Sweden where he enrolled in the Ostersund School of Art.


His admiration for the Old Masters led him to the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy from 1998-2001 and became an instructor there in the drawing program in 2002. Later that year he was made responsible for the drawing course in the Florence Academy's sculpture program. He studied sculpture at the Academy from 2003-2004.


His interest in Russian drawing and painting method led him to study at the Repin Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, from 2004-2005

He was also one of the teachers at the first academy of realistic art in Stockholm Sweden from October 2006 until December 2007.


Farighs passion for teaching is known by his students. He welcome students to his home to take classes and stay in an inspirational environment.


Farigh is also a skilled calligrapher. His art works can be found in private collections throughout the world after having exhibited in Panorama museum in Germany, Florence Academy group show in Florence Italy, and Grenning Gallery in New York USA among others.